Home Stay Arrangement for International Students

Y.E.S. International helps place international students


with wonderful host families throughout San Diego county


(some exception may apply) and the city of Palm Desert. 

Y.E.S. ESL INTERNATIONAL coordinates host home placements for international students wishing to experience the American way of life and build cross-cultural friendships. Y.E.S. has placed hundreds of international students with hosts in California. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that you have a positive homestay experience. We support you even after your placement. Students who are flexible and open-minded about adapting to new environments will be the most successful in this program.


Our Host Family

Hosts are personally interviewed in their home, screened and selected for the program. Host homes are typically located within a 5-9 mile radius. Students must be prepared to take the bus to school. Hosts are a variety of ages and can be families with children,single adults, single parents, couples without children, or retired people.



Online Application

Please read Y.E.S. Homestay Agreement's terms and conditions before you apply.


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